Veer Flex Fan
Veer Flex Fan
Veer Flex Fan
Veer Flex Fan

Veer Flex Fan

Veer Flex Fan

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Powerful enough for adults yet safe enough for infants, Veer’s Flex Fan delivers maximum wind speed, long lasting battery life and endless versatility.

Unlike most fans which have 3 wind speed options, Veer's completely custom design features a fourth “Turbo” speed for especially hot and humid days.

Tested to at least 12 hours of continuous use on a single charge (depending on fan speed) thanks to a remarkably efficient 2500 mAh lithium-ion battery, Flex Fan is 20% smaller and lighter than other fans. Combined with its enhanced flexibility, this makes it easier to attach, transport, store and last through any adventure in the sun.

Its soft, grippy, flexible legs can be adjusted so that it can stand on its own or attach in versatile ways to CruiserSwitchback or Basecamp (or any strollers and joggers as well as other gear like tents, hammocks, tables and chairs).


360° rotation
Removable front grill for cleaning
Low hum at high speed (65 dB)
3 standard speeds + 4th Turbo speed
3 flexible, grippy legs
3 hour charge time


Finger safe (0.2" gaps)
No small removable parts
Battery protection circuit


11.8" H


2500 mAh (up to 12 hour battery life)


0.8 lbs

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