About Us

Hopscotch Kids embraces childhood by offering a carefully curated selection of clothes, shoes, toys, car seats, strollers, furniture, gear and gifts. We believe that childhood and parenting is a magical journey filled with wonder and endless possibilities. To help celebrate each milestone in your child’s development, we search far and wide to bring the latest innovative products while being mindful of sustainability, organic materials and fair trade practices. 

By offering timeless, quality products we help simplify and enhance the parenting journey. We emphasize gear that offers superior functionality and beautiful design, wearable apparel for all ages that is affordable, stylish and comfortable, and toys that inspire creativity, exploration and education without sacrificing FUN. 

You can trust Hopscotch Kids with an experienced sales team that can help you, from a carseat/stroller consultation and installation, to your child's first shoe fitting. We offer a plentiful array of gifts from a new baby to a birthday celebration with a personalized touch.

Our Story

Hopscotch Kids was started in 2004 by Bridget Bostrom, inspired by the simple belief that children deserve the very best. Bridget envisioned an imaginative, welcoming and joyful space that not only provides top-notch quality toys and clothes, but also nurtures the imagination of children. 

Hopscotch Kids is a beloved community hub, offering a wide range of hand-picked items for children of all ages. From toys that encourage imaginative play to the best quality clothes and shoes that are as stylish as they are comfortable, our store is a treasure trove for parents and caregivers seeking the finest for their little ones.