Hex Bug Nano Robotic Bug - Newton Series

Hex Bug Nano Robotic Bug - Newton Series

Hex Bug Nano Robotic Bug - Newton Series

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Product Description

Experience the beginnings of robotic life!

Inspired by the old vibrating football games, Nano Bugs utilize common locomotion principles, vibration, and an innovative, angled, bendable leg design to create the illusion of autonomous movement.

Switch them on and watch as they scurry this way and that across the room. Present them with obstacles and test their ability to find new pathways.

The complexities of robotics becomes amazingly accessible and, most of all, FUN with the Hexbug Nano Robotic Bug!

Hexbug Nano Robotic Bug
  • Mini robot that moves and navigates all on its own
  • Encourages fine motor skills, an interest in engineering and physics
  • Comes in a variety of exciting colors and designs
  • Color/design choice not available - Chosen randomly by manufacturer
  • Includes one Nano Bug
  • Requires one watch battery - Included
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

    Note: Colors selected randomly by manufacturer
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